Greg Markway is a licensed psychologist with an interest in genealogy that was triggered by the life of his paternal grandfather, Joseph Markway. Joseph was born in New York city in 1896, left at the New York Foundling Home as a newborn, and sent to central Missouri at age five on an “orphan train” where he was taken in by the Markway family.

True Stories focuses on stories of family history, how those stories connect to the broader narrative of American history, and ultimately, who we are.

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  1. Every time I read your story/research of Grandpa Joe’s journey I feel overwhelmed! He played a big role in my life….thank you for your creative research & honoring Grandpa’s journey! He was a strong man who had a beautiful faith life! Would be interesting to hear how he touched the lives of all us.


  2. I wonder if we may share some distant relatives. Some of the names you mention sound familiar, and I know we have relatives in Ohio.


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